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Publish Time:2018-01-05

In 2013 the Gunnedah Jockey Club nominated for the last round of the $5m Shenhua Watermark Community Fund.  They were successful in their application for $45,000 to upgrade the effluent system which was outdated and causing potential health risks.  This Project, now completed, has achieved the effective environment management of effluent and allowed for an increase in the amenities for patrons as well as the upgrade of the ladies jockey room bathroom.

Mr Guo Bailing, Shenhua Chief Financial Risk Officer officially opened the Project and said, “Shenhua understands the importance of protecting the environment and health of the community in which we live and we are proud to be able to provide this assistance for the comfort of patrons to the facility.”

Gunnedah Jockey Club President, Kevin Edmonds said, “The funding provided by Shenhua Watermark has been greatly appreciated by the Committee and our volunteers.  Without this funding we would have not been able to make these essential improvements and it has also allowed us to expand on the capabilities of a significant community facility.”

Councillor Owen Hasler said, “As previous Chair of the Shenhua Watermark Community Fund Advisory Committee I am pleased to see the improvements completed to the Racecourse through this funding.  Shenhua has provided $5m in funding over five years for organisations across the region to improve their facilities or programs, and this is greatly appreciated by Council and the wider community.  There have been 47 projects completed with the Shenhua Watermark Fund which is a significant amount of money being injected into the community and we thank Shenhua for this opportunity.”

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Mr Guo Bailin (Shenhua Chief Risk Officer), Debra Watson (Shenhua Community Liaison Officer), Kevin Edmonds (GJC President) and Councillor Owen Hasler presenting the sash to the winning horse of the Shenhua Watermark race.
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