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Publish Time:2017-12-13

Shenhua has a long standing relationship with PRAMS after they were successful in their nominations for three projects in the Watermark $5 million Community Fund.  In 2010 $90,000 was allocated to upgrade the Maternity Ward and outdoor visitor's area; in 2011, $210,000 was provided for an upgrade to the General Ward bathrooms and purchase of twenty four TV's for patient ward rooms; and in 2012 an allocation of $73,000 was given for the purchase of an ultrasound machine and an upgrade to the baby wash room.   A total of $373,000 has been allocated to PRAMS.

Gerry McDonald, Shenhua's Human Resources Manager, said.  "In the Social Impact Statement developed by Shenhua, as part of the EIS, we identified that Company employees may have an impact upon the demand for health services in Gunnedah when we have an operating mine."

"Shenhua has spent about $2 million just on health facilities and services in Gunnedah since the Company moved here and this emphasizes Shenhua's willingness to commit to the community they live in.  We are very pleased to be able to assist in improving these facilities and making medical visits for patients more comfortable."

PRAMS Chairperson, Kim Street, said, "The ultrasound machine has been a great benefit to the Hospital as it can be used throughout all the wards.  The grants have also allowed us to purchase top of the range high technology equipment to help ensure the safety of both mother and baby.  We have built a strong relationship with Shenhua over the years and we are extremely grateful for the funding which has been invaluable to both the Hospital and the Community, now and in the future."

Councillor Owen Hasler, Community Fund Advisory Committee Chairperson, stated, "The PRAMS projects were selected from a large amount of applications and we have had very positive feedback from the community.  From a Council perspective, we are very aware that good services are vital to attracting new residents to Gunnedah.  The Shenhua Community Fund projects are a great asset to the community and we extend our thanks for the opportunity to enhance the town’s facilities and services."

Symone Fuller, Acting Health Services Manager said, "We would like to thank PRAMS for sourcing the funding and we are eternally grateful to Shenhua as it would not of been possible without that assistance."

Shenhua recognises the importance of health in the community and the availability of modern facilities and equipment.  Shenhua is a strong believer in contributing to the communities within which we work and live and we are very pleased to be able to assist in improving facilities for patient treatment.

Gunnedah District Hospital staff with members of the PRAMS Committee, Shenhua Watermark Coal's Gerry McDonald and Debbie Watson and Shenhua Community Fund Chairman, Cr Owen Hasler in the outdoor visitors area.

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