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Publish Time:2017-11-29

On 2 November 2017 Shenhua Watermark officially opened the GS Kidd Memorial School Shenhua Community Fund project.

In 2013 the School was successful in obtaining a grant for $20,000 from the final round of the $5m Shenhua Watermark Community Fund.  The grant was to establish an edible sensory garden and to plant native trees and shrubs in the new school complex to enhance the grounds, provide shade and for ongoing educational purposes.

Mrs Kim Gibson, School Teacher, welcomed Mr Lu Yang, Chief Financial Officer of Shenhua Watermark and Debbie Watson, Shenhua Community Liaison Officer to the School. She said, “The establishment of the garden was completed by the students and everything that is grown here is picked and eaten at the School by the students.  The garden is not only a play area but a work area where students can learn essential life skills and it provides endless possibilities for their education.  This could not have been possible without the assistance from Shenhua and we greatly appreciate their contribution.”

Mr Lu Yang officially opened the project and said, “It is a true honour to be here today to officially open the GS Kidd Memorial School Shenhua Community Fund Project.  Children are the future of the world and this garden will give them the opportunity to experience planting, nurturing, tasting and cooking which are essential life skills, and is a great way to establish good habits in their future life.”

“Shenhua is proud to support a community project that can educate, inspire and encourage students to be actively involved in decision making processes, nurturing of living things, sustainability, environment management as well as science, money and cooking programs.”

GS Kidd 2.jpg

Shenhua Chief Financial Officer, Mr Lu Yang and Debbie Watson, Shenhua Community Liaison Officer pictured with Mrs Gibson, School Teacher and enthusiastic children from the GS Kidd Memorial School.

GS Kidd.jpg

Shenhua Chief Financial Officer, Mr Lu Yang receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from school student, Connor Roberts.

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