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Publish Time:2017-11-01

Gunnedah marked 140 years of coal mining in the Gunnedah region with over 300 people celebrating in a variety events held over the 16 -17 September 2017.  The milestone marks 140 years since the first hole was sunk in Gunnedah in 1877.  Shenhua was proud to participate in the event by way of a Platinum sponsorship to join with the community in celebrating this historical landmark.

Mr Wu Yaping, CEO of Shenhua Watermark, made a presentation on the history and role of Shenhua Watermark in Gunnedah.  Mr Wu said, "Chinese people always honour history so we are very pleased to be able to celebrate with you, the 140 years of Coal Mining in the Gunnedah Basin."

“The history of the Watermark project commenced when the NSW Government internationally tendered the Exploration Lease in 2008 and Shenhua won the Exploration licence fairly through the public competition.  Since then, ”Shenhua Australia has built its Australian head office in Gunnedah and conducted very significant consultation with Gunnedah Local Government, business and the community.

“Shenhua recognises the importance of being part of the Community and our commitment is shown by having our head office in Gunnedah.  Shenhua has spent $5 Million on 50 community projects in the region from the Watermark Community Fund in areas such as education, Indigenous, health and building facilities in partnership with Community organisations. We have established relationships with the business community and the Chamber of Commerce as well as being involved in other community organisations such as Meals on Wheels, Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child & Family Centre, Westpac Helicopter Rescue, charity work and fundraising events.”

“The Watermark Project offers the Gunnedah region inter-generational local employment opportunities. The Project EIS sets out a range of local Community benefits from the Project.  There are scholarships for mining studies and child care students, school-based traineeships, seed funding for TAFE mining skills training and ongoing support for rural health.”

“Local economic benefits of the Project in addition to the community benefits include the current spending in Gunnedah for general operating expenses and payments to our staff who spend most of their money locally.  Future benefits include an increased opportunity for Gunnedah to share in the Royalties for Regions program, future job opportunities during construction, ongoing operating jobs and the capital expenditure for the Project that will create further business opportunities for local businesses.”

“Shenhua understands why Gunnedah supports the Project. It is for the jobs and business opportunities. Shenhua thanks the community for their support and we wish you very well in your celebration of 140 years of mining in the district and we wish for another 140 years of success.”

140 yrs of mining.jpg

Mr Wu Yaping (CEO), Mr Lu Yang (CFO), Mr Guo Bailin (CRO) and Shenhua staff at the 140 years of Mining Celebration.

140 yrs of mining 2.jpg

Mr Guo Bailin, Mr Wu Yaping and Mr Lu Yang pictured with Mayor Jamie Chaffey

.140 yrs of mining 3.jpg

Shenhua CEO Mr Wu, Debbie Watson (Shenhua Community Liaison Officer), Peter Muldoon (Mines Wealth), Cr Colleen Fuller and Stuart Barnett (Slater and Gordon) cut the official celebration cake.
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