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Publish Time:2017-06-29

Now in its 59th year, the NSW Seniors Festival is the largest festival for seniors in the Southern Hemisphere, reaching up to 500,000 seniors each year.

Presented by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), the NSW Seniors Festival is designed to celebrate the role senior’s play and the contributions they make to the NSW community.

Every year during NSW Seniors Festival, government, community and commercial organisations hold hundreds of events across the state, encompassing art, sport, music, entertainment, technology, recreation, health, good nutrition and much more!

This year the theme for the 2017 Festival is let’s do more together and with this in mind Shenhua staff contributed to Seniors Enrichment Week at the Alkira Aged Care Centre by demonstrating the art of making Chinese dumplings.  Residents, guests and staff enjoyed watching the intricate art of making dumplings and then had the pleasure of creating their own dumplings for lunch.

Debbie Watson, Shenhua Community Liaison Officer, said, “Shenhua was extremely proud of being involved in Seniors Week and it was beneficial to not only the residents of Alkira but for the staff and families of Shenhua to integrate further into the community and make new friends.  When our staff were asked to sign the Enrichment Board with their impression of the day they wrote happiness, longlife, peace and health. ”

Shenhua staff, residents and staff celebrating Seniors Enrichment Week with the cutting of a massive cake.

Zhao Liang and Chen Chao with the Enrichment Board.
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