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Shenhua Helps Save Water For The Environment

Publish Time:2016-12-09

In 2013 the Werris Creek Public School was successful in its application to the last round of the Shenhua Watermark $5,000,000 Community Fund for the amount of $34,570.

Werris Creek Public School has an extensive amount of roof area from which to harvest rainwater. The majority of any precipitation received flowed out of the school and into the storm water drains. The school is situated on the side of a hill where during storms large torrents of water flowed down through the playground and walkways making them hazardous and unusable. In conjunction with this the school was paying approximately $8,000 a quarter for excess water usage, making it an unfortunate burden on the town’s local water supply and a drain on the School’s finances. In their application, the School applied for funding to purchase water tanks, pipes and pumps to store water that could be used in the amenities block, on the top terrace oval, the community vegetable garden and the school grounds, and to make them self sufficient in regard to water usage.

School Principal, Leonie Byrnes said, "The installation of the water tanks has meant that our School is now able to harvest rainwater from the buildings and recycle it back onto the playground via an underground sprinkler system. The School recognises that the conservation of our water is so important and we thank Shenhua for the funding to enable this to happen".

The Official Opening of the Community Fund Project was held on 9 December 2016 with the Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire in attendance.

Councillor Andrew Hope said, "This Project shows how we can all help to save our precious commodity, water and set an example to the local community on what can be achieved through initiatives such as this. Council is appreciative of the support that Shenhua has shown to both Werris Creek and Quirindi during the five years of the Community Fund and we look forward to building on the relationship that has been established between them."

Shenhua Community Liaison Officer, Debbie Watson said, "Shenhua understands the importance of water and the environment in country areas and was proud to be able to not only provide a means of saving water but to assist in the safety of the students as they move around the grounds during wet weather."

"Throughout the life of the Community Fund, Shenhua has supported over 30 different local projects and organisations such as the Bells Park Playground, Quirindi Riverine, Werris Creek Public School, Werris Creek Pre-School, Werris Creek Community Shed, Australian Rural Museum, Walhallow Public School and the Quirindi Rural Heritage Village."

Pictured are School Principal Leonie Byrnes, students Chloe Neilsen and Nash Porter, Debra Watson (Shenhua Community Liaison Officer) and Liverpool Plains Shire Mayor Andrew Hope.

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