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Shenhua Officially Opens New Preschool Playground

Publish Time:2016-10-18

The Official Opening of the Werris Creek Preschool Shenhua Community Fund playground was held on 18 October 2016 with representatives of Liverpool Plains Shire Council and committee members of the Preschool in attendance.

In 2013 Werris Creek Preschool was successful in its application for a Community Fund grant for $27,500 to upgrade the outdoor equipment and compliance standards. The Centre has been operating for over 30 years and is a very important facility for the local community. The upgrade of the outdoor equipment will expand on the Centre's preschool program and ensure the safety, development and wellbeing of the students.

Preschool Director, Julia Cameron said, "Three years ago a decision was made to replace the old fort due to non-compliance. After two years of construction with assistance from friends and family of the preschool we now have a new fort. The Preschool did not have a great deal of available funds so through years of fundraising and the grant from Shenhua the project was able to be completed. We thought that this Project might never come to fruition and we are grateful to Shenhua for supporting this which has enhanced our program and enriched the lives of our students."

Councillor Paul Maules said, "This Project would never have been completed without the hard working families of the Preschool over the years and the grant allocated from Shenhua. Liverpool Plains Shire Council has developed a great partnership with Shenhua and we hope that this will continue into the future. As a community we sincerely thank Shenhua for their support of this facility."

Shenhua Community Liaison Officer, Debbie Watson said, "Shenhua places great importance on the unity of families and the opportunity for all children to be able to obtain early childhood education. Children should not be disadvantaged by distance in regional areas and that is why we are very pleased to be able to provide this assistance from the last round of the $5m Shenhua Community Fund especially to a service which has such long standing relationship with the community and surrounding region."

"Throughout the life of the Community Fund, Shenhua has supported over 30 different projects at local clubs, associations, schools and Councils including local projects such as the Bells Park Playground, Werris Creek Public School, Werris Creek Pre-School, Werris Creek Community Shed, Australian Rural Museum, Walhallow Public School and the Quirindi Rural Heritage Village."

Pictured are Councillor Paul Maules, Debra Watson (Shenhua Community Liaison Officer) and Julia Cameron (Preschool Director) with Preschool teachers, Committee members and students.

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