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Shenhua Licencees Farewell Grayson Wolfgang

Publish Time:2015-10-02

On 16 September 2015 licencees of Shenhua were invited to attend a special function to enable them to extend their farewells to Grayson Wolfgang who submitted his resignation in September to undertake a new position closer to home.

Grayson had been employed at Shenhua for over five years, initially as Community Manager and then ultimately appointed to the position of Assets Management Co-ordinator, a position that Grayson excelled in. He played a key role in establishing excellent relationships with the Licencee farmers who were opreating the Company's land on and off the exploration lease area, and dealing with a variety of land/property management issues.

Shenhua's Chairman, Mr Liu Xiang thanked Grayson for his contribution to the Company during his years of employment, and in particular his relationship with the licencees, and extended the Company's best wishes for his future endeavours.

Shenhua Licencees pictured with Mr Liu Xiang, Mr Wang Ningbo, Mr Patrick Liu and Mr Li Hao extending their farewells to Grayson Wolfgang.

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