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GS Kidd Memorial School Sensory Garden

Publish Time:2015-09-19

Progress at the GS Kidd Memorial School on their Shenhua Watermark Community Fund project is well underway with the completion of the edible sensory garden.

In 2013 the School applied for and were successful in obtaining a grant for $20,000 from the final round of the $5m Shenhua Watermark Community Fund. The grant was to establish an edible sensory garden, plant native trees, shrubs and plants in the new schoool complex to provide aethestics, shade and ongoing educational purposes.

The School prides itself on continuing to educate, inspire and encourage students to be actively involved in environmental initiatives through the study of ecosystems, decision making, environment management and science programs.

Vicki Urqhuart, School Principal, said "We are extremely proud of our sensory garden which is now the pinnacle of the centre in regard to the Living Skills Program. We are very grateful to Shenhua for providing this funding which enables our students to improve their social and emotional needs, build confidence, learn responsibility for living things, team build as well as using the home grown vegetables to learn about maths, cooking and ultimately providing essential living skills for the future."

Shenhua HR Manager, Gerry McDonald and Debbie Watson, Community Liaison Officer pictured with Vicki Urqhart, School Principle and excited children from the GS Kidd Memorial School.

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