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More Than Just a Meal

Publish Time:2015-03-24
Shenhua staff have teamed up with local volunteer organisation Gunnedah Meals on Wheels to help deliver meals to the elderly and housebound residents with 23 Shenhua staff volunteering to assist the local Meals on Wheels program.

In a statement to the Namoi Valley Independent, Gunnedah Meals on Wheels President Collen Fuller said the multi-cultural venture is a first for regional Meals on Wheels organisation.
"Shenhua is the first mining company in Gunnedah to come on board and volunteer their time to help local residents," Ms Fuller said.

Shenhua's Watermark Project Community Liaison Officer, Debbie Watson said with 23 Shenhua staff consistently rostered on, the initiative was another important way the Project could make a positive impact on the local community.

"Shenhua's staff first volunteered in April this year and now three months on all the original 23 staff members are still actively involved," Ms Watson said.

"Meals on Wheels help the frail, the elderly and those with disabilities by enabling them to stay in their home where they are happiest. By volunteering to help, Shenhua is proud to be actively contributing
to the Gunnedah community by supporting their independence," Ms Watson said.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are often the only daily point of contact for residents, serving to decrease their social isolation and assist in monitoring their health and well-being. For many residents, they really look forward to a nutritious meal and the chance to say hello.

Shenhua's involvement with Meals on Wheels is another way in which the company is ensuring it is an active member of the local community and wider region.

Further information on the Watermark Coal Project can be obtained from the website: www.shenhuaaustralia.com, or by contacting Shenhua's Gunnedah office by telephone: 02 6741 8800 or email: reception@shenhuawatermark.com.
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