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Shenhua Hosts Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Group

Publish Time:2014-11-14
Shenhua Watermark was very honoured to receive a visit from Mr Wang Pingang, Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Group and Senior President of China Shenhua Holdings Pty Ltd on the 14 and 15 November 2014.
Shenhua Project Manager, Mr Paul Jackson and Senior CHPP Manager Mr Chen Guigang delivered a presentation to the delegation on the EIS progress, engineering preparation work, cost optimisation and design, port and rail capacity alignment, power and water supply and the engineering and construction work plan.
After the presentations, Mr Wang expressed his approval of the achievements so far and extended his appreciation to all staff on their hard work. Mr Wang also reaffirmed Beijing's ongoing support and commitment to the success of the Watermark Project.


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