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Shenhua Watermark Collaborates With Siding Spring

Publish Time:2014-09-04

On 4 September Shenhua Watermark had a very fruitful meeting with the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) at Siding Spring near Coonabarabran. Mark Howes, Environmental Manager and Gerry McDonald, HR and Safety Manager met with Professor Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-charge of the AAO; Peter Verwayen, Senior Operations Officer, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Siding Spring; Doug Grey, AAO Operations Manager and Sarah O'Callaghan, ANU Operations Manager, Siding Spring.

Professor Watson and Gerry McDonald with the 4.9 Metre Telescope
The purpose of the meeting was to establish ongoing collaboration with the Siding Spring Observatory to help the mine develop effective and efficient lighting systems that will mitigate and avoid having the mine add to light interference to the Observatory's operations.

Dr Fred Watson, AM is probably Australia's most famous astronomer and most prolific science communicator. His work at Siding Spring has been one of the main reasons Australia is one of the world's leading countries in optical astronomy. He led pioneering work including leading the world in the use of fibre optics in astronomy. He has written numerous books and articles, including and more importantly books, articles and media appearances that have helped everyday Australians to understand and become interested in astronomy. It was for this work that he was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia.
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