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Publish Time:2014-08-29
The Tamworth Business Chamber recently celebrated its 50th anniversary on Friday 22 August with a gala celebration at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre.
A record attendance of over 750 people enjoyed the dinner and entertainment that featured hits from the decades commencing from the 60's to celebrate the 50 years of the Chamber's instigation.
There were an outstanding number of 1,909 nominations which included 456 businesses from throughout the region vying for 30 awards.
Shenhua Watermark Coal Environment Manager, Mark Howes and Community Liaison Officer, Debbie Watson attended the event representing NSW Mining. Mr Howes, on behalf of NSW Mining was proud to present the award for Excellence in Customer Service in Trades and Services to the winner, Oxley Community Transport.
Shenhua has been a member of NSW Mining since 2008; an organistation which is helping to create jobs, support local businesses and provide economic stability for Northern NSW.
The recent NSW Minerals Council Economic Impact Survey found that in 2012-13 mining companies directly spent over $180 million in Northern NSW, comprised of $77 million in salaries and over $103 million spent on goods and services with over 548 lcoal businesses. These results highlight the practical benefits mining is delivering to Northern NSW, and the critical importance of a strong and vibrant mining sector for the ongoing strength of the region’s economy.

Shenhua Environment Manager Mark Howes presenting the award for Excellence in Trades and Services to the representative of the winning business Oxley Community Transport

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