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Consulate Visits Shenhua

Publish Time:2014-08-08
On the 8 August 2014 Shenhua hosted a delegation from the Chinese Consulate General of Sydney. The delegates included Mr Gang Peng, Commercial Counsellor, Mr Wenglong Cui, Consul of Sydney. Mr Hongde Yu, General Manager of the Jiaotong Bank also attended with the delegation.
Mr Liu, Shenhua Chairman said it was a pleasure and honour to host the delegation and Shenhua has developed a long established working relationship with the Consulate since 2009.
Paul Jackson, Shenhua Project Manager, Mark Howes, Shenhua Environment Manager and Debbie Watson, Shenhua Community Liaison Officer gave a lengthy presentation on the history of the Watermark Project providing information on the mine location and layout, scheduling, key milestones, community engagement, social responsibility strategy, EIS history and current status and the PAC assessment process and approvals.
Mr Peng expressed his sincere appreciation to Shenhua for hosting the delegation and for the opportunity to further his knowledge on the Project. He acknowledged and was inspired by the dedication and commitment of the Shenhua staff, the good relationship developed with the local community and he holds great confidence in the Project.


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