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Shenhua Hosts Chinese Embassy

Publish Time:2014-07-02
On the 1st and 2nd July Shenhua Watermark hosted a visit from Chinese Embassy in Australia by Mr Huang Rengang, Ministerial Commercial Counsellor and Mr Ouyang Cheng, Secretary. Mr Huang was interested in learning more about the PAC assessment of the First Project during the EIS process and the good relationships that had been established within the community.
A presentation was provided by Shenhua Project Manager Paul Jackson, where they were given an overview of the Project including key milestones, scheduling and Government engagement. Environmental Manager Mark Howes provided an update on the Project EIS status highlighting the approval process, scheduling and future works. Debbie Watson, Community Liaison Officer enlightened the Counsellor on Shenhua's engagement within the community to gain a high level of support for the Project, whilst Gerry McDonald concluded the presentation with an insight into the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
Mr Huang noted the value of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Report recently published by Shenhua. He stressed that China is to increase investment in overseas mining and the Watermark Project as part of this strategy will continue to receive the full support of the Chinese Embassy in Australia.
The delegation then travelled to the mine site to fully understand the logistics of the Project.
During their visit they met with both Liverpool Plains Shire and Gunnedah Shire Mayors to discuss the opportunities of establishing Sister City relationships with the two cities and China. Mr Huang expressed that he hoped the Project would continue to receive support from the local governments and that they work to establish a friendly relationship through this program.
The visit demonstrated the support of the Chinese government to assist in the promotion of the Shenhua Watermark Project.
Shenhua staff and Counsellor Mr Huang Rengang (centre) inspect
the Shenhua Watermark site.


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