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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Publish Time:2014-06-02
Shenhua Australia Holdings and Shenhua Watermark have recently prepared a Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the period the Company has been in operation within Australia.

This period is from 2008 when the Australian Company was formed to May 2014. The report outlines the considerable investment the Shenhua Group has made in Australia during the short time they have been operating. This document also demonstrates the highest level of commitment the Group places upon social responsibility, community engagement and supporting community activity.

For a Company only six years young in Australia, yet to have a revenue generating operation, the contribution is detailed in its scope and depth. You can review the Social Responsibility Report by clicking on the report icon of the Home page of the Shenhua Watermark website www.shenhuaaustralia.com. Alternatively, you can request a hard copy of the report by contacting the company directly on 02 6741 8800.


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