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Shenhua Hosts Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Group

Publish Time:2014-01-14
Shenhua Watermark was very honoured to receive a visit from Mr Li Dong, Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Group and Senior President of China Shenhua Holdings Pty Ltd on the 4th and 5th December 2013. Mr Li was accompanied by Mr Jiang Jianwu, General Manager of Environment Protection Dept of Shenhua Group and China Shenhua Holdings Pty Ltd, Mr Shao Junjie, Chairman of Shenhua Overseas Development & Investment Co Ltd and Ning Jing, Business Manager of Mine Resource Evaluation Dept Shenhua Overseas Development & Investment Co Ltd.

Mr Li and the delegates attended a tour of the Watermark site where they were briefed on the open cut mine overall plan and future mine plan. The tour gave the delegates an opportunity to gain perspective of the site and to ask questions regarding the coal transport infrastructure and environmental protection measures.

Shenhua Project Manager, Mr Paul Jackson made a presentation to the delegation on the EIS progress, engineering preparation work, resource update, cost optimisation and design and the engineering work plan.

Mr Li said, "The Shenhua Group expresses their appreciation of the Company's employees' hard work and suggested that they follow the three principles of "price, cost and efficiency", starting from improving the product quality and optimising the selling price to ensure the profit of the Project."

The production organisation, equipment source and size should also be considered to lower the overall cost of the project. He requested that the Company optimize the design and construction period and also improve the efficiency of trucks and shovels and to be innovative to improve the overall efficiency of the Project. He added that the Project needed to continue to undergo benchmark studies with neighbouring coal mines and emphasised that the Project should follow Australian legislation.


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