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Shenhua Employee of the Year

Publish Time:2014-01-14
As 2013 year comes to a close for Shenhua Watermark, staff and the Senior Management Team members conducted an assessment of performance and achievements. Employees gave a presentation to outline their achievements for the year, along with a plan for the work they will undertake in 2014.
In reality, all of the Shenhua Watermark team members were winners. The most notable achievements for the 2013 year were:
- Completion of a thorough and high quality EIS;
- Being placed on Public Exhibition for eight weeks, which was longer than most other
projects have been required to do;
- Receiving a surprisingly low number of submissions because of the EIS quality, at 139,
which was lower than widely expected; and
- Employees showing exceptional cooperation and teamwork to produce an excellent
Response to Submissions.
The top Award for Best Employee of the Year went to Mark Howes, Environment Manager, particularly recognising his dedication and achievements in guiding the Shenhua Watermark Project through the Technical Environmental issues related to the EIS and RTS.
Awards for Excellence also went to; Zhang Jing recognising her dedication to Shenhua and excellence in promoting harmony in her translator/interpreter role and the skill applied to her duties; and Jiao Zongfu recognising his work in transforming of basic geological data, questioning and analysing to gain the best advantage for the Watermark Project both now and into the future.


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