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Shenhua Australia Embraces New Corporate Restructure

Publish Time:2013-09-24

On 8 August 2013 Shenhua Australia Holdings Pty Ltd held a general meeting attended by all staff to announce a new corporate structure and reporting mechanism.

Altogether seven departments were established to cover all aspects of the Company's operations.

The Organisational Structure was developed to utilise the skills and knowledge of staff, to clearly define the function and role of each staff member and to have a clear reporting hierarchy. The meeting marked a significant move towards a more coordinated cross-culture working relationship and more efficient reporting mechanisms.

Company CEO, Mr Wang Ningbo regarded this restructuring as an opportunity to realise sustainable development, improve efficiency and better control risk.

Chairman Liu Xiang deemed this measure as an effective means of controlling cost by providing opportunity to maximise the talents of all employees through the allocation of multi-functional roles and to also provide the opportunity to maximise the talents of all employees.

The meeting also formalised the release of Shenhua's Code of Behaviour and Business Conduct. The Code is one of the most important projects for Shenhua in Australia this year and has been developed to operate as a guide for staff and to reflect the Company's firm intention to conduct all its business in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner.

The Code reflects the Company's commitment of a Chinese Company working within the Australian legal and social framework. Shenhua aims to have a dual culture and way of doing business represented by the following:

• Intrinsic safety,
• Quality and efficiency,
• Innovation and technical excellence,
• Development of our people,
• Harmony and harmonious development
• Collaboration for win-win
• Social Responsibility
• Honesty, loyalty, and mutual respect; and
• Minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency.

Directors and Senior Management believe that this Code of Behaviour and Business Conduct will benefit Shenhua Australia in all endeavours that it strives to achieve.

All employees were consulted in the development process and the Code has now been implemented. We fully anticipate that all of the contractors, consultants and companies with whom we work will embrace, support and cooperate with us in making the Code one of the Company's important successes.

Mr Wang then distributed a hard copy of the Code of Behaviour and Business Conduct Policy to all Shenhua employees at the meeting to ensure that the Company is in a position to move forward in a smooth, reliable and harmonious manner.


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