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Science and Engineering Challenge

Publish Time:2014-03-27
YEAR 9 and 10 students from seven Tamworth High Schools recently attended the annual Science and Engineering Challenge held at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre. Shenhua Watermark assisted with the event by donating the services of Joel Zhao, Graduate Project Engineer and Debbie Watson, Community Liaison Officer to supervise, advise and guide students through their challenges.

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a joint project run by the University of Newcastle and Tamworth First Light Rotary with the aim of inspiring Primary and Secondary students to consider a career in Science and Engineering. The event is three days of hands-on challenges and problem solving activities such as constructing a hovercraft, providing efficient power to a simulated town or constructing various vehicles or flight machines.

Supporting this challenge runs parallel with Shenhua Watermark's school based trainee program. It promotes the study of science and engineering which are ongoing areas of skill needs as Shenhua Watermark progresses through the life of the Project and supports the decision to focus on local employment.

The Challenge is divided into three levels regional, state and national. The winner on the day was Manilla Central School, followed by runners-up Calrossy Anglican School Boys and third-place getters McCarthy College with Manilla Central Scholl moving on to the State Challenge.
Joel Zhao, Shenhua's Graduate Project Engineer, assisting with the Puff Puff Golf Challenge
where students were given materials to build the chasis and axles for a light weight car.
Balloons are attached to the car and inflated for propulsion.
Joel Zhao judging the final model for the Challenge


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