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Publish Time:2014-06-26

Gunnedah Meals on Wheels (MOW) has taken delivery of a new set of special food storage eskies funded by the last round of the Shenhua Community Fund grants received earlier this year.

Meals on Wheels received $19,000 from the grant which also provided funding for the upgrade of their kitchen facilities and to meet new government requirements that are required for them to continue to provide the much-needed service in the local community.
MOW President Colleen Fuller said the committee was grateful to Shenhua for the funds and to the Shenhua staff members who have come on board as volunteers.
"Shenhua volunteers are doing a wonderful job and with increasing numbers of people with disabilities requiring the service the extra help is greatly appreciated," Mrs Fuller said.
Shenhua's Community Liaison Officer Debbie Watson said that Shenhua was extremely proud of the enthusiasm of the staff in their volunteering roles and that they had recognised the importance of this worthy organisation to the community.
"We have recently joined up to the new MOW initiative the Buddy Program to continue our involvement within the community." she said.
Gunnedah Meals on Wheels has taken delivery of a new set of eskies courtesy of the Shenhua Watermark Community Fund. Pictured with the eskies are Shenhua staff members Chen Chao, Zhao Liang, Zhang Jing, Community Liaison Officer Debbie Watson, Meals on Wheels President Colleen Fuller, Joel Zhao, Trish Easey, Delores Worthington (MOW), Kathy Wu, Peter Worthington (MOW) and MOW Business Manager Andrew Cherry.
Photo courtesy of Namoi Valley Independent


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