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Q. What is the potential for localised and regional settlement as a result of mining activities?  
The Project as proposed is an open cut mining operation. Mine subsidence is associated with underground mining operations and will not occur due to the Project.

Settlement of the final landform may occur (contained to the Disturbance Area), however; measures will be implemented to mitigate impacts. The truck/shovel operation proposed for the Project also ensures additional compaction of the final landform as it is developed.
Q. What is the potential for groundwater aquifer compaction as a result of mining activities? 
A. Aquifer compaction of up to 30 mm may be experienced at the maximum extent of groundwater drawdown for the Project. This will rebound as the drawdown extent recovers. Black soils swell naturally by greater than 40 mm and thus, the predicted compaction is not considered to be significant.
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Response to Submissions
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