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Shenhua Watermark RTS

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Q. What are the potential impacts of the Project on European historic heritage?
A. The Project will result in direct impacts (i.e. removal) to 10 historic heritage sites identified within the Disturbance Boundary. The blast vibration and overpressure generated by the Project will not result in indirect impacts to those heritage sites identified or those situated beyond this extent given the recommended criteria will not be exceeded
Q. What are the mitigation and management measures proposed for historic heritage sites directly or indirectly impacted during the construction and operation of the Project?
A. Shenhua Watermark has committed to a range of measures to be included in an overarching Historic Heritage Management Plan and Construction Management Plan to ensure all historic heritage sites impacted by the Project are appropriately mitigated prior to their disturbance. Furthermore, Shenhua Watermark will provide for the ongoing conservation and management of select historic heritage sites by means of a Conservation Management Plan (component of the broader Historic Heritage Management Plan).
Watermark Coal Mine
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