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Shenhua Watermark RTS

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Q. What is the revised Biodiversity Offset Strategy? 
A. The Biodiversity Offset Strategy for the Project has been revised since the EIS was exhibited. Having regard to State and Commonwealth offsetting methods, the biodiversity offsets proposed for the Project will adequately compensate these impacts of the Project on biodiversity values. The Biodiversity Offset Strategy will protect approximately 6,071 ha of woodland and open forest, revegetate 2,686 ha of woodland and rehabilitate 2,384 ha of woodland. The Biodiversity Offset Strategy also includes significant areas of known and potential habitat for the suite of species predicted to be impacted by the Project.
Q. What will happen to Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land (BSAL) within the Onsite Biodiversity Offset Areas?
A. Shenhua Watermark has excluded all of the BSAL (696 ha) that was initially in Offset Area 6 and high quality agricultural land within the additional offsite biodiversity from the Biodiversity Offset Strategy for the Project to allow for its continued agricultural use. This concession has ensured BSAL will not be subject to a change of land use or taken out of production as a result of the Biodiversity Offset Strategy for the Project.

Q. Will there be a net loss of biodiversity ?
A. The Offsite Biodiversity Offset Areas complement the Onsite Biodiversity Offset Areas and ensure
the Project will not result in a net loss of biodiversity. These areas provide similar woodland and
forest including Box Gun Woodland that will be impacted by the Project and offer valuable
habitat for native flora and fauna. The Offsite Biodiversity Offset Areas also indirectly connect to
nearby national parks and build onto existing proposed offset areas of other mining projects.
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