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Q. What were the results of the stygofauna sampling program? 
A. The Stygofauna Impact Assessment for the Project included sampling from 20 bores within the alluvium and colluvium (six bores), interburden (five bores), weathered Permian (five bores) and target coal seams (four bores). Sampling within the Tertiary volcanics was carried out and found no Stygofauna present. Water quality analysis in the bores in the Breeza State Forest identified conditions unfavourable for hosting Stygofauna
Q. Has the absence of stygofauna been demonstrated?
A. Stygofauna sampling for the Project was conducted in 20 bores within groundwater aquifers identified as most likely to host stygofauna within the Project Boundary and its surrounds. No stygofauna were recorded during the survey. The absence of stygofauna has therefore been demonstrated consistent with the accepted guidelines
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