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Q. What are the potential blasting impacts to receivers near the Project?  
A. Ground vibration levels from the Project are predicted to remain within the 5 mm/s criterion and overpressure levels would remain within the 115 dB(L) criterion at any privately owned residence. Additional coal and overburden truck movements from the Project would not increase the maximum vibration levels already generated by existing truck movements
Q. Were heritage sites assessed for potential blasting impacts? 
A. The Acoustics Impact Assessment assessed blast impacts to a number of the closest heritage sites that were identified in the Historic Heritage Impact Assessment and the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Values Assessment, including Breeza Cemetery. Items of heritage significance that would be disturbed by the Project (and would therefore be destroyed or salvaged) located within the Disturbance Boundary were not assessed for blasting impacts. The risk of flyrock damage to Aboriginal grinding grooves (prior to their relocation) will be controlled by covering the grooves with flexible mats, sand or other suitable materials during blast events within 500 m of the grooves.
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