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Shenhua Watermark RTS

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Q. What is the potential for noise impacts from the operation of the Project?
A. The proposed reduction in the equipment fleet for the Project by utilising fewer and larger trucks will further reduce noise impacts from the Project. 

Predicted noise levels in the EIS represent reasonable worst case operating and weather conditions. Noise levels would therefore be lower than the predicted levels for much of the time. In addition, the Project will develop and install a system of real-time noise monitors linked to a noise and weather prediction system to monitor noise impacts.
Q. What is the potential for noise impacts from the construction of the Project? 
A. All but one receiver is predicted to experience no construction noise levels above the relevant criteria (this receiver will also be adversely impacted by operational noise). The construction noise impacts are short term in nature and will be managed in accordance with a Construction Management Plan.
Q. How was low frequency noise assessed? 
A. Low frequency noise was assessed in the Acoustics Impact Assessment as part of the normal operational noise criteria in accordance with current EPA policies and guidelines. Low frequency noise impacts are unlikely to occur at any receiver. The Noise Management Plan for the Project will include protocols to identify any low frequency noise issues, should they unexpectedly occur.
Q. What are the noise levels from trains carrying coal from the Project?
A. The Project would increase daily average train noise levels by less than 2 dBA, which is considered acceptable according to current EPA policy.

Q. What will Shenhua Watermark do to manage any noise impacts ?
A. Shenhua Watermark will install a real-time noise monitoring and management system for the
Project including a predictive meteorological forecasting system, with predictive capabilities
to forecast meterological conditions in advance. In addition, reactive/proactive measures which
will result in increased noise controls on-site or the modification to mining operations will
be employed.

Q. Will the surrounding neighbours experience any impacts from blasting ?
A. The blasting associated with the Project is predicted to produce ground vibration and
overpressure levels below the relevant amenity criteria at all privately owned residences and
structures. A blast management plan will be implemented to monitor sensitive residences
to ensure compliance with the relevant blast criteria.

Q. Will a Noise Management Plan be prepared for the Shenhua watermark Project ?
A. A Noise Management Plan will be prepared for the Project and will include all feasible and
reasonable noise controls described in the Acoustics Impact Assessment.


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