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Shenhua Watermark RTS

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Land Use Capability  

Q. What are the principal environmental planning aspects of the Project relevant to competition for land with regard to mining and neighbouring enterprises and developments, in particular agriculture?
A. Shenhua Watermark owns all of the land within the Project Boundary required for mining purposes. From a land use planning perspective, mining is permissible on all land within the Project Boundary with Development Consent.  Furthermore, the Project will recover the "in situ" coal asset for the benefit of the people of the State of NSW and Australia as a whole but in particular the locality, where the economic and social benefits will largely be incurred. The Project will not prevent the continuation of adjacent land uses. The land within the Disturbance Boundary will be rehabilitated to provide biodiversity and agricultural future land uses.

Environmental Impact Statement Adequacy

Q. Was the Project EIS adequate for the purposes of placing it on public exhibition? 
A. The EIS for the Project has been prepared in accordance with the Director General Requirements (DGRs). Prior to allowing a development proposal to proceed to public exhibition, the Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DP&I) first review the EIS to ensure it adequately addresses all the necessary requirements (as outlined in the DGRs for the Project). 

The EIS adequately meets the requirements as set out in the DGRs for the Project. This was confirmed through DP&I's acceptance of the EIS (which includes all of the technical assessments provided as appendices) following the adequacy review stage, which enabled the EIS to be placed on public exhibition.  Key sections of the EIS have had independent expert peer reviews undertaken prior to public exhibition.
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