In 2011 Shenhua Watermark established three Community Reference Groups (CRG's) to work directly with the project team to ensure all community and environmental issues and concerns were identified and addressed in the Environmental Assessment.

The three CRG's focus on:
1) Environment;
2) Koala; and
3) Water.

The CRG's were quite unique in that the Committee members had an active 'hands-on' role in the project. The members were involved in a variety of activities, including regular field trips to view our monitoring and tracking programs, Koala monitoring, and data collection, among other things.

The Groups offered the community a forum to raise specific concerns relating to key aspects of the project and to ensure these were addressed during the development of the Watermark Project's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

They also provided an exciting opportunity for interested and passionate community representatives to impart their local knowledge and feedback directly to the project team.

The Environment CRG discussed issues such as flora and fauna, dust monitoring, social impact assessment and restoration. The Koala CRG was involved in the development of the Koala Management Plan and assisting in any future Koala tracking and monitoring program. The Water CRG was involved in the underground and surface water monitoring program.

In 2013 the roles of the CRG came to a natural conclusion following the completion of the public exhibition of the Watermark Project's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).


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