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The Shenhua Group and Shenhua watermark places great emphasis on its environment responsibilities and is committed to implementing best practice environmental standards and performance, stakeholder consultation and the principles of sustainable development.
This commitment will be achieved through a demonstrated understanding of environmental accountabilities, leadership at all levels of management and the effective implementation of an environmental management system.
Our environmental objectives are to:
   •      Plan, construct and operate the Watermark Project in a manner that considers sustainable
           development and best practice environmental management;
   •      Achieve continual environmental improvement through implementing an environmental
           management system which includes objectives and targets; and
   •      Conduct environmental management to a standard that meets both legislative and business
To achieve our objectives we will:
   •      Comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements and other agreements to which
           we are a signatory;
   •      Develop and implement environmental management strategies to measure and address our
           risks and impacts;
   •      Set objectives and targets for continual improvement in environmental performance, allocate
           appropriate resources to achieve those targets and report our performance against these;
   •      Limit the environmental impacts of our operations through the efficient use of natural
           resources and the implementation of measures to prevent pollution and reduce waste;
   •      Promote the research and development of new practices and technologies that will improve
           environmental outcomes;
   •      Promote a culture in which all employees and contractors share a commitment to our
           environmental objectives; and
   •      Through training, consultation and risk management processes, make employees and
           stakeholders aware of the Environmental Policy and our environmental management system.

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